It used to be an orphanage, but now it's designed by Yufeng.

"Mr. Ji, you are superior. Let alone destroy Yufeng design, even if you kill Lu Qiaoyu, I'm not surprised."

With that, I picked up the pink leopard I was going to put down and carried it into the guest bedroom.

Ji Qingxuan chased in and grabbed the pink leopard's arm.

I held the pink panther tightly, and we were deadlocked.

As soon as he tried, the pink leopard's arm broke!

My center of gravity was unstable, and I fell back and fell to the ground.

Ji Qingxuan step forward, help me fall on the ground, "are you ok?"

His tone was full of concern, and his black eyes were full of worry.

I looked at him in a trance.

He seems to really care about me.

But when I think of what he said yesterday, he said that he could not live without Qin Jiameng.

It's like I was awakened by a slap.

Struggling out of the man's arms, he said, "thank you for your concern. I'm fine."

I got up and picked up the man's Pink Leopard arm, which was still underground. Then I picked up my body and stitched it together.

Fortunately, the broken place is an excuse. Just take the thread and sew it.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me and said, "do you like this? Then I can buy you a room. "

Hear the man say so, think of what he said yesterday.

He didn't give up Qin Jiameng, but he teased me in this way.

Perhaps out of revenge, I held the pink panther in my hand and said to him, "I don't like the pink panther, but I like this one."

I didn't go on.

But Ji Qingxuan is so smart, he should understand.

Ji Qingxuan's face suddenly cooled down, "Qin Jiaqi, don't forget what we wrote in our marriage agreement, you can't have an affair with other men!"

"Yes? I have no affair with him, we are aboveboard Friends. "

I said it word by word.

"It's better."

That night, Ji Qingxuan and I broke up and slept separately.

The next morning, I received n messages on my mobile phone, all from Qin Jiameng.

Qin Jiameng's phone has been hacked by me for a long time. She can't call in, so she can only send text messages.

I took a look at the content of the message, and it was all scolding me. As for the content, she seems to have found a house on my side and thought it was sent to me by Qin CI.

They scolded me so hard that the words were not acceptable.

I think it's her who decides that Ji Qingxuan will decide her, and all of them have no fear.

I collected these messages after reading them.

Out of the bedroom door, I heard something in the master bedroom bathroom and saw Ji Qingxuan get up.

Maybe it's a habit. I baked two portions of bread, and the porridge I made yesterday was ready.

I ate one by myself. When I left, Ji Qingxuan just came out of the bedroom.

I walked away without saying hello to him.

Actually, I don't work today, but I don't want to see Ji Qingxuan.

I had nowhere to go outside and suddenly wanted to see the children in the orphanage.

I went to star house by car.

Here, like Ji Qingxuan and I, the children are very happy in their new home.

Some children are playing basketball on the basketball court.

I went in and the old Dean welcomed me out.

I exchanged greetings with him and told him that I had a rest today. The old Dean said casually, "if you are free, you can also come here to do volunteer work. Although you have no money, you can eat."

His words woke me up and I agreed on the spot.

I was with the kids all day.

There are many children in the orphanage. Today, I'm mainly playing with some children who are three or four years old.

Looking at them, I can't help thinking that if the children I once had were alive, they would be one and a half years old now.

When I left, I made an appointment with the dean that I would accompany the children every 2 and 3 weeks.

My life has been like this ever since.

Although Ji Qingxuan and I have been living together, but we said a few words.

Another Wednesday, when I arrived at the gate of Star House on time, I saw Ji Qingxuan's car parked there, standing at the door,

seeing me approaching, the man asked me, "you'd rather come here than get along with me, wouldn't you?"

"What do you mean you'd rather come here? I'm happy here. "

I didn't ask him how he knew I was here, because I knew it was the easiest thing for him.

I missed him and wanted to go to the orphanage.

But let me ten thousand don't think of is, Ji Qingxuan unexpectedly follow behind me, way, "today I happen to be free, I accompany you together."I thought he made a mistake about what I came to do. He kindly reminded me, "Mr. Ji, I'm not here to visit, I'm here to volunteer."

"I know."

Ji Qingxuan's face didn't change when he spoke.

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