Ji Qingxuan repeated this again.

I couldn't say how excited I was. I looked at him and asked, "really? Is that true? "

I'm afraid that after hope, I'll be disappointed again.

But this time, Ji Qingxuan nodded firmly.

At that moment, I did not struggle, let his big palm wrapped my hand, let me slightly cold hand, a little bit was warm back.

The next day, I went to work.

Ji Qingxuan offered to send me, this time I agreed.

I sat in his car, he put me down and left, but some sharp eyed colleagues saw his car and asked, "Qin Jiaqi, is your boyfriend so rich? Driving such a good car? "

I looked at Ji Qingxuan's car and didn't know how to explain it.

That's my husband? My colleagues certainly can't accept the fact that my husband has so much money and comes to work.

Plus what Lu Qiaoyu did before, I couldn't open my mouth.

I said vaguely, "that's his boss's car."

Sure enough, listening to me, my colleagues seem to have a psychological balance, "also, your boyfriend drives such a good car, how can you be willing to work here."

In the morning, the coffee shop received a large order, which was a takeout for 20 cups of coffee.

I took it and looked at the address. It was a meeting place nearby.

However, when I got to the door and saw a big sign, I knew I was wrong.

The big sign clearly says that today is the new book launch of talented designer Qin Jiameng.

In less than one month, Qin Jiameng was both a designer and a publisher.

No wonder she cares so much about the manuscript in my hand.

After all, all her "efforts" will be destroyed once it is exposed!

But when I got to the door, I had to send it in.