"Don't forget what he did when you were in prison, don't forget the dead child, don't forget his evil deeds to Qin Jiameng..."

The whole thing was in my mind.

It's like hypnosis. A little bit to stabilize my heart wall, if not, I'm afraid that the heart wall I've worked hard to build will collapse overnight.

I didn't eat and left Optimus alone.

When I came out, many employees were still eating. When they saw me, they were all whispering.

It seems that Ji Qingxuan went out just now and they all saw it.

I can't manage so much. Leave Optimus group quickly.

Instead of going home, I went to the Internet bar.

I went to the Internet bar, made my resume with the form, and started to invest in it from one design company to another.

The difference is not much, some of the larger scale are almost cast, it is almost evening.

I was so hungry that I didn't have the strength to go home to cook, so I found a fast food restaurant by the side of the road. I had a meal, and then I went home by bus.

Although Qin CI gave me a big house and a card with a million yuan deposit.

But I don't think it's true. Not only the money in this card, but also the house in Yancheng No.1, I don't think it's my own.

I dare not touch it at all.

When I got home, I opened the door and saw that the light was on.

My heart clapped.

Looking down, I saw Ji Qingxuan's shoes in front of the door.

I changed my shoes and went into the room. I heard the sound of water clattering in the master bedroom bathroom.

I feel like I'm being fooled by him.

For a moment, the resentment in my heart surged into my brain. Without thinking, I rushed to open the bathroom door and yelled, "Ji Qingxuan, what do you want to do?"