"No way."

As soon as I opened my mouth, Ji Qingxuan immediately refused, and didn't even think about it.

I have thought of this for a long time. If he wanted to let me go so easily, he would have agreed.

But this time I came prepared.

I took out my mobile phone, went to the big desk, found the recording interface and put it on it.

There's no nonsense. I just opened the recording in Qin Jiameng's office.

Yes, when I went in, I turned on the recording function on my mobile phone.

Ji Qingxuan is such a smart person. Qin Jiameng's attitude is definitely not one that has nothing to do with her.

I looked at Ji Qingxuan's calm face, lowered my eyes, and slowly said, "Mr. Ji, you don't want to be so cheap. I understand that if I'm the only one who's been tortured, I'll admit it. But Qin Jiameng has involved innocent people in order to be Mrs. Ji."

"Torture?" Ji Qingxuan heard the word, step by step came to me, "in your eyes, do Mrs. Ji is torture?"

There is no expression on the face, but in the black eyes, it seems to abandon the stormy waves!

"Isn't it? You are in love with Qin Jiameng. When I marry you, it's clear that all three of you are unhappy, but you won't let go, for the sake of tormenting me? "

"Ha, ha, ha." Ji Qingxuan suddenly laughed.

That smile, not happy smile, but let me feel creepy!

He raised his hand, slender directly pinched my chin, closed his smile, "want a divorce? Then serve me well, and when I have enough sleep for you, I can divorce you. "

"Ji Qingxuan, do you have logic! She killed! Do you understand? She killed people

I opened his hand and I was really mad at this man.

However, Ji Qingxuan directly pressed me on the desk, then the whole person pressed down and said, "I said, sleep enough, then you can divorce."

With that, I began to take the next step.

I want to resist, but the man will control my two hands with one hand.

"You're crazy. This is the office!"

I yelled!

However, Ji Qingxuan did not care, thin lipstick in my ear, said, "this is my site, my people are very sensible."

The whole morning, I was Ji Qingxuan on the desk, let him vent.

Finally, Ji Qingxuan gets up to tidy up. I lie on my desk, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

I'm the only loser in this triangle.

"Kowtow, kowtow."

A soft knock came from the door.

I was so scared that I got up and turned my back to the door, for fear that the people at the door would push in. After all, my clothes had been torn by Ji Qingxuan, and even it was difficult to cover my body.

Ji Qingxuan probably tidied up his clothes, went to the door, quickly brought in a few bags and handed them to me.

I had a look inside. There was a suit of clothes and a skin care kit.

He asked me to take a bath in the lounge in the office room.

I opened the door of the office. I thought there was only one bathroom, but I found it was too simple.

It's a small apartment with living room, bedroom, open kitchen and bathroom.

I took a bath and changed my clothes. Because of the strenuous exercise just now, my legs became soft.

I sat on the bed and wanted to have a rest. I looked slightly sideways and saw a long chestnut hair lying quietly on the white bed.

At that moment, my heart was inexplicably sour.

And guess whose hair it is.

Although I understand that Qin Jiameng and Ji Qingxuan love each other, and it's not strange that anything happens here, I still leave the bed like avoiding the plague.

I was about to leave, Ji Qingxuan pushed the door in, I was scared to step back.

Later I learned that men just want to take a bath and change clothes.

I hid and waited.

Soon, Ji Qingxuan sorted himself out, walked into me and said, "hungry, let's go. I'll take you to dinner."

The man also has a faint smell of bath liquid, which smells good.


"It's in the company canteen."

As soon as I wanted to refuse, I was interrupted by a man, holding my hand and taking me out of the office in total disregard of my resistance.

As soon as he went out, Li Kai and his secretaries were outside.

Especially those secretaries, when they saw the outside hand in hand, their eyes were almost angry.

But Ji Qingxuan didn't care and pulled me into the elevator.

"Let go of me." Into the elevator, I continued to struggle.

But the man just looked at the floor of the elevator and didn't even answer me.

Wait until the elevator reaches the third floor.

The third floor is the rest floor of Optimus group. He took me through a coffee shop and directly into the staff restaurant.It is with meals, the staff in and out, all eyes are Ji Qingxuan, has attracted me behind.

My ears are ringing in an endless stream -

"Mr. Ji, Madam President, good afternoon."

"Wow, who is this? Mrs. President? "

"God, the president brought his wife to the restaurant for dinner?"

Four words of the president's wife fill my ears

Along the way, even let me some untrue.

He took me all the way to a separate box and a waiter opened the door for us.

He took me in and sat there.

It was served very quickly.

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