I'll tell her.

That sounds ridiculous to me.

And the most ridiculous, is I to Ji Qingxuan that a little fluke heart, thought he would be angry for me.

I thought he would care about me a little bit.

I looked at him and said very seriously, "Mr. Ji, Mrs. Ji's identity not only didn't let me have more, but let me have nothing. I have nothing to lose, so please let me go."

Ji Qingxuan was standing one meter away from me, looking at me, his brows twisted together.

I didn't speak for a long time.

After a long time, he said, "I'm tired. Let's talk about these things later."

With that, instead of leaving, he took out his computer from his suitcase and began to work in the living room.

And I hid in my master bedroom and looked out the window.

In retrospect, I have been Mrs. Ji for such a long time. It seems that I have never been happy.

That night, I received a call from Lu Qiaoyu.

He asked me to go back to Yufeng design, but I refused.

Because I know that it's not that Lu Qiaoyu is incompetent, it's just that he will worry more when I am here.

But he told me one thing on the phone: Chen Hui's body in the afternoon was not sent to the funeral home, but to the police station. At the request of Chen Hui's daughter, the body was autopsied.

The autopsy results showed that there were some doubtful points about the cause of Chen Hui's death, which was probably not natural death.

But because there is no more evidence, this matter may not be further investigated.

This result, let my heart pull together!

I went to the living room, looking at Ji Qingxuan in the office, the man's side face is so perfect.