The four words of prison reform caused the colleagues around to sigh.

"Don't talk nonsense!"

All of a sudden, I was in a panic.

And I don't understand how Ji Qingxuan can condescend to our small company?

When I was at a loss, my shoulders warmed.

Then I heard Lu Qiaoyu say, "it's Xiaoqi I'm chasing. I've already talked about that project? Does Mr. Ji have anything else to do today? "

In an understatement, he said the matter in the past.

What's more, what he is doing now, in front of colleagues, if I don't resist, will I agree to this relationship?

But if I resist, Lu Qiaoyu will lose face.

I am tangled, see Ji Qingxuan raise foot to walk to me in front of, mouth, "I am to look for my wife."