The four words of prison reform caused the colleagues around to sigh.

"Don't talk nonsense!"

All of a sudden, I was in a panic.

And I don't understand how Ji Qingxuan can condescend to our small company?

When I was at a loss, my shoulders warmed.

Then I heard Lu Qiaoyu say, "it's Xiaoqi I'm chasing. I've already talked about that project? Does Mr. Ji have anything else to do today? "

In an understatement, he said the matter in the past.

What's more, what he is doing now, in front of colleagues, if I don't resist, will I agree to this relationship?

But if I resist, Lu Qiaoyu will lose face.

I am tangled, see Ji Qingxuan raise foot to walk to me in front of, mouth, "I am to look for my wife."


These two words, burst in my brain!

All the colleagues around began to whisper!

I can feel that Lu Qiaoyu's hand on my shoulder slightly loosened. It seems that he hesitated.

"What do you say, Ji Qingxuan, we are divorced!"

I'll talk first.

This is Yufeng design. It's Lu Qiaoyu's company. I can't disgrace him!

But, Ji Qingxuan obviously has no fear, "divorce? Who said I divorced you? "

I was stunned.

Ji Qingxuan grabs my wrist and wants to snatch me from Lu Qiaoyu's arms.

But I did not move, I looked at him, "Ji Qingxuan, our relationship has been like this, how can you not propose unilateral divorce?"

"Why do I propose a unilateral divorce?"

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, full of banter.

I know. If I ask again, I will jump into his trap!

When I was at a loss, Lu Qiaoyu patted me gently on the shoulder, "you can go to my office first, and give it to me here."

This is the only way.

However, what Ji Qingxuan said has already made my colleagues have opinions on me.

His words were like I was a married man who cheated Lu Qiaoyu and seduced him.

After that, Lu Qiaoyu went out and never came back.

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