Although Lu Qiaoyu is changing the subject.

But what he said really needs to be faced.

After all, in front of so many colleagues today, there should be an explanation for our relationship.

It's just

"I'm sorry."

I've been thinking about it for a day, but it's the only answer.

As soon as these three words came out, Lu Qiaoyu pressed my lips with his index finger. "Shh, I know what you are worried about. As long as you stand behind me, don't be afraid. I will protect myself. In this way, I can protect you."

His answer, let me a little trance.


I want to say, but Ji Qingxuan won't just let it go, but Lu Qiaoyu said first, "you won't implicate me."

I have to say that Lu Qiaoyu really moved me.

I'm not sure that's a relationship.

But after that, I have dinner with Lu Qiaoyu two days a week.

But my colleagues in the company are not good to me.

There's even a lot of rumors about why I'm in jail.

I pretend I don't know and ignore it.

However, it can not change my embarrassing situation in the company.

Because my position is Angie's assistant, but Angie, because of my relationship with Lu Qiaoyu, has long pulled me black. Even if I go to talk to her, she won't even look at me.

I have nothing to do these two weeks, so I have to study by myself.

However, I know this is not good. I take the company's money and do nothing.

I'm hard hearted. I'll follow angel from the next day. No matter how she ignores me, I'll follow her.

I followed him for three days.

On the third day, angel deliberately avoided me. When I found out, she had already entered the elevator. I followed her and she had left by car.

When I stood in front of the office building, I was a little confused. Ji Qingxuan's car stopped in front of me.

I want to go, but he was holding the wrist, forced into the back seat!

"What are you doing! You let go

I struggle, but Ji Qingxuan has great strength. No matter how hard I try, his big palm will hold my wrist!

But Ji Qingxuan ignored me at all!

The driver starts the car.

I don't know where he's taking me.

All the way, I used my vicious words to scold him, but Ji Qingxuan was indifferent.

When the car stopped again, Ji Qingxuan lowered the window, looked out of the window and asked me, "look, where is this?"

I turned my head and looked out of the window. It took me a long time to realize where it was.

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