Leaving the Qin family, I have nowhere to go. I can only call my best friend Jiang Qin.

The phone is off.

She and I were classmates in the orphanage, two years older than me. She was sponsored by a kind-hearted boss of the enterprise. After graduating from high school, because of her appearance and temperament, she studied in the aviation college. After graduation, she became a stewardess directly.

In fact, my university is also funded by a kind-hearted person, and he has given me a lot of help.

It's just that I've never met him in person.

Jiang Qin's mobile phone is off, which means that he is working.

I walked in the street, not far away, I saw a shop sign on the corner. When I came to the front, I found that it was a bar.

Well, I just need to drink.

I pretended to be drunk and felt that the man picked me up and threw me on the co pilot. For a moment, I felt that the hormone breath of the man was approaching. Although I didn't know what he was going to do, only two words appeared in my head at that moment -


Maybe it's because of drinking wine. As soon as this idea appeared, I opened my eyes, hooked up the neck of the man in front of me, looked at the thin lip in front of me, and immediately kissed it.

The sound of seat belt retracting sounded in my ear.

Sure enough, I think too much.

I don't know how to kiss. It's very stiff. My lips just stopped on his lips for a second, then they were pushed away.

Then he said in disgust, "you're so mean, you don't even have the basic sense of shame."

If I am normal, I am afraid I will get out of the car and leave. But at this time, I am driven away from my reason by alcohol. Not only did I not get out of the car, my eyes are bleary looking at the man's black eyes, but I smile, "I am not cheap, you are my first man, but she is not."

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