Ji Qingxuan heard me, disgusted, but his hand moved from his neck to his chin, and his black eyes looked at me, as if to see through me.

The air is quiet and terrible, only the smell of alcohol.

After a while, he gave a sneer, "what do you want?"

At this time, I naively thought that he believed me, and then said, "I press my fingerprints on the wedding agreement. As long as you don't press her again, I'm yours."

The man pushed me back to the driver's seat and said nothing.

But when he drove all the way home, threw me into a bathtub full of ice water, grabbed my hair and said, "you think I'll believe what you say? A woman like you, at most, deserves to be a female dog beside me. "

At that moment, I was sober, with Ji Qingxuan's disgust for me, how could I believe my words?

I struggled in the water, but he ignored me. When I was on the verge of drowning, he pulled me out of the bathtub. Then we tried countless postures from the bathtub, to the windowsill, to the sofa, and finally to the bed

I was originally covered with injuries, and later I had swelling and pain in my lower body. Every friction made my tears flow. I cried to stop, but he didn't hear it.