Pregnant With Twins: My CEO’s Tricky Love

Chapter 677 The Child Has a Fever

Robert was instantly shocked, since living with the children, Annie and Leon would occasionally have a runny nose and a small cold but never to the extent of hospitalization.

And Georgia's tone sounded quite serious. He hung up the phone and then immediately walked towards the elevator, Jasper asked anxiously.

"What's going on?"

Robert replied simply in return.

"Annie and Leon saw what happened today, Annie has a fever now, Georgia is coming towards the hospital with the kids. I'll go down there to pick them up, give the hospital people instructions to prepare the ward and doctor right away, the kids will be coming over soon."

After Robert finished speaking, he immediately led the people inside the elevator, and on Georgia's side, she was sitting anxiously inside the car with Annie in her arms, what happened today was too sudden.

The children stayed by her side after she took both of them home, and they were so scared all day that both Annie and Leon ate very little at dinner time.