Pregnant With Twins: My CEO’s Tricky Love

Chapter 676 The Man Who Came Back for Revenge

As soon as Robert said these words, Jason's eyes suddenly stared at his brother, his voice carried a kind of hatred, and he seemed to be immersed in a kind of pain.

"Tell me, who was the person who did it today? Did you guys find out already?"

Robert glanced at each other as Jasper spoke to Jason.

"That's Mr. Bradley's former wife, Macy. If we're investigating correctly, although the outside world thought she was dead, the information we found out shows that she's still alive. She probably came back for revenge, you should have known about Miranda's identify long ago, now we're investigating where Macy is."

"And we have a hunch that she's purposely giving clues for us to investigate, and we'll probably find out where she is by tomorrow."