Predestined Marriage

Chapter 14 Leonardo's Dad

Summer looked at the full of gloom ˆDouglas' and had a glimpse of his bloody hand, her eyes were opened wide with shock, “You...”

She didn't put anything strange into her dishes, how could it make him run out and cripple himself?

Leonardo didn’t respond to her and was about to leave when his cell phone rang.

He glanced at the unknown number and immediately cut the call.

At this moment, he raised his sight and looked at Summer, “Go in.”

His voice was low, cold and suppressive with a hint of gloòom.

Summer was very sensitive and felt that the 'Douglas' was scary. She slowly backed into the room. One hand was holding onto the door and was contemplating whether to lock the man outside.

Leonardo didn't notice her hesitation because his cell phone rang again.

This time, the display wasrrt an unknown number. Instead, it was the name, Tim Knight.

He didn't hesitate to answer the call and that Summer was around, he asked, “Why ¡is he looking for me?”