Predestined Marriage

Chapter 15 Acting dumb

Emerson... Leonardos dad?

The rich and noble man who attracted countless women in Hoover City at his young age, Michael?

Summer was shocked for several seconds and came to her senses and said, “How are you?”

She could not say the word “Dad”.

“lÝ you are available, let's eat together tonight." Michael's voice was calm and firm tempered by years of trials. Though it sounded like an order, it was rft offensive.

Summer understood that although Michael gave her a choice, she cannot but agree.

She quickly replied, “Sure.”

“ƑII send the driver to pick you up, see you tonight.”

He hung up after completing it.

From the beginning to the end, Michael's tone was calm, but no one could refuse him.

Summer threw aside the cell phone and quickly ran out the door and took a taxi towards Leonardos villa.