Predestined Marriage

Chapter 11 the Original Appearance

Summer Jarrett never sleepwalked.

Face blushing, she turned to look at him, “You..... ˆ

"Im injured." Leonardo Emerson also turned to look at her with a cold voice.

Summer had never been in bed with a man. Leonardo had such a strong and cool aura that Summer calmed down her anger.

She pursed her lips nervously and lifted the quilt to get out of bed. However, the man beside her grabbed her by the wrist.

The man looked at her with doubt, "Why are your hands so white, while your face is like wax?" She took back her hand in surprise and said in a low voice, "l was born like this."

Then, Summer jumped out of bed just like a rabbit and went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, she looked at the sallow woman in the mirror, with self-mockery flashing in her eyes.

She took the cleansing water from the cupboard under the sink and began to cleanse her face.

A few minutes later, a beautiful woman with rosy cheeks, bright eyes and white teeth appeared in the mirror.

lf it wasn't for renting a house outside after graduation and cleansing her make-up every day, she would have forgotten her original appearance.