Predestined Marriage

Chapter 10 Use Her As A Springboard


The next day Summer was woken by the ringing of the mobile phone.


To keep up her appearance of being a simple girl, she still uses the old machine which can only make phone calls and send messages. Buying a smartphone would make her like her other family members and she couldn't stand to be like them.


She took her phone and looked at the notes, and she immediately came to her senses.


She hesitated for a moment before she picked up the phone, “Dad.”


Lynn .Jarretts voice was as serious as always, "You went home yesterday? Who sent you back? "


Summer just felt bitterly disappointed. She had just gotten married. Why couldn't her father ask a more relevant question than who took her home?


For the most part, Lynn .Jarrett rarely calls her. Seeing him suddenly calling to ask about that, Summer couldn't help but suspect his true purpose.


But she still told the truth, '!t was Leonardơ's cousin who took me home.'


Lynn Jarrett pondered for a moment at the other side of the phone, and then he said, "When you have time, take your sister to the Emerson house and introduce her to some suitable young people there so that she can make more friends."


suddenly understood the meaning of what he




fancy to “Douglas", so she wanted her to


schemes of


to be engaged with Vicky .Jarrett, but in the end, it


Vicky another excellent man to be her husband ¡in the


except Leonardo, all the other cousins in the Emerson family are outstanding


of self-deprecation appeared in Summers eyes. Vicky is indeed Lynn's biological daughter, but somehow


could he be


like to take my sister to Emerson house,


even see Leonardo's


husband? What's that about? And you still


voice was the same as usual, "Maybe if you had sent my sister to the Emerson house


who came out of the bathroom,


was sitting on the bed, with the thick, black hair like seaweed hanging down to her waist. Her fingers were holding the phone so hard that he could see the protruding blue blood vessels. Like water, her eyes were full of

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