Predestined Marriage

Chapter 35: Fail to Whitewash

After Summer finished her interview, she was badgered by “Douglas” and hadn't watched it online.


She turned on her computer and browsed the web pages. She found that the interview was covered by many media and re-posted by quite a number of Weibo influencers.


Most people were cursing her, but some relatively rational netizens were analyzing the words she said.


“I knew that she was hyping. Do those people who said that she was pitiful feel pain in their faces?”


“Why was she acting like a diva? She even wore a mask when she was interviewed”

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“I'm the only one who thinks her words against reporters are cool?”


“I found that she never admitted that she stole her sister's fiancé.”


Seeing the last comment, Summer couldn't help but smile.


She didn’t answer that question on purpose. If she admitted that she had stolen Vicky's fiancé, who knew if Vicky would 

continue to make trouble for her because of it?


Summer was rarely this happy. She continued to flip through the comments.


“Is this drama a serial show? I don’t have enough melons for it. I'll go buy some more ... Looking forward to the next episode”


When Summer saw through the Jarretts, she did not want to obey them like before. So, she would not let this matter go.


Not long after, all the comments about Summer's interview on the Internet suddenly became curses.


Summer knew that Vicky had found an army of Weibo trolls.


She didn’t care about Vicky's small movements.


Vicky herself was not innocent. They lived under the same roof. It was too easy to dig up dirt on Vicky.


She would let the Jarretts happy for one more day. Then she would release all the scandals tomorrow.


She wanted to make sure that Vicky could never get away with these!