Predestined Marriage

Chapter 34: He Was Abnormal

The car pulled up in front of a highly secretive, upscale clubhouse.


Just as Summer was about to unbuckle her seat belt, she stopped and looked at “Douglas” suspiciously, “Are we eating 



Was he sure he was not here to play?


Leonardo glanced at her and got off the car.


Summer could only follow him.


They walked towards the door one after the other. When Leonardo walked in, the attendant bowed respectfully and said, 




However, when Summer walked in, he stopped her.


The attendant raised his chin and looked at Summer, his eyes flashing with disdain, “What are you doing here?”


Summer lowered her head and looked at her clothes. It was indeed a bit shabby, but she still said calmly, “Eat”


She was about to walk in, but the attendant refused to let her in, “We are a high-end club. Not everyone can get in here”


He had seen too many gold-diggers coming here to look for a sugar daddy. Most of those women were beautiful, but this 

woman was so ugly and dressed so shabbily. Letting her in was simply downgrading the clubhouse.


Summer pouted her mouth. She didn’t want to go in, either.


After Leonardo entered, he found that Summer did not follow him. When he turned around to look for her, he heard the attendant’'s words.


He walked over and stretched out his long arm to pull Summer behind him. He looked at the attendant with a cold face, 


“What's your name?"


Most of the people who came to this clubhouse were either rich or powerful. So, attendants here should a good eye on the guests.


Leonardo was tall and dominant. The attendant immediately became cowardly and stammered, “Al ... Alfred”