Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1061 Never Meant to Hurt You

In the wheelchair, Summer was pushed downstairs to the dining room. Breakfast was incomparably sumptuous, but there was no one at the table.

Summer asked, "Where is Lester?"

The servant replied, "Mr. Lester left early in the morning."

Summer didn't bother to ask where Lester went to. Anyway, the servant would not tell her.

Halfway through breakfast, Summer suddenly looked up and asked, "Where's Stanley?"

Summer noticed that when she mentioned Stanley, all the servants present looked somewhat strange So Summer asked tentatively, "You know Stanley?"

Without saying anything, the servants dropped their heads.

"It looks like you do know him." Summer slowly had her breakfast and said, "What did Lester give you so that you are so loyal to him? Stanley used to be the same as you, but you see what happened to him, don't you?"

servants were like dead men, remaining silent and motionless. Summer felt boring and asked, "Has Stanley left as

cared about

said slowly, "If you don't tell me, I'll check every room and find out

she was in a much better state of mind now, her physical condition hadn't improved significantly. If she continued to check rooms one by one, she would definitely not be able to

the end, a servant

had been wrapped in gauze and he looked like a mummy, unable to move. Only his eyes

entered, Stanley’s eyes were

at Stanley with his eyes

her left immediately, but they didn't close the

out, Summer said,

He couldn't move at all, so he could only

wheels of the wheelchair and approached Stanley's bed. They looked at each other for a

was either hypocritical or scheming. It was the first time

this world had their

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