Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1062 Subject One

It seemed that he has used up all of his strength to utter it. As soon as he finished, he lay back on the bed, breathing heavily.

Summer gave Stanley a vacant look.

If Stanley hadn't set fire and almost burned Rosie alive, she would probably have softened and reconciled with him when she heard Stanley's explanation.

However, Rosie's incident had become Summer's raw nerve and it could not be forgotten, no matter what.

Stanley looked at Summer's expression and understood what Summer was thinking.

"My target has always been Leonardo.... Perhaps you're right, if Leonardo and I exchanged positions, he wouldn't necessarily become someone as unscrupulous as me...." he said with a reluctant smile.

"This is no excuse to harm others. I'm selfish and inhuman....I deserve it."

that he didn't have much strength to

that she could hear every word clearly. Summer moved her wheelchair closer to Stanley. She lowered her head and asked, "What did Lester do? Why do you want to

"Do you know the experiment

said, "Lester

and he said

to know who Subject One was,

lured abroad by Stanley, she saw Bendy lying on the bed. She


that my sister could have woken up long ago.

in one breath that he lost his breath

while, he continued, "You were the same back then. I just wanted you to recover and save

so Stanley was completely unaware of

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