Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1047 What Do You Mean by She's Missing?

Noticing Leonardo's gloomy expression, Tim pulled Rosie over. Rosie looked at Tim, and the latter gave her a "silent" gesture.

The call came from Savanah. Leonardo had a flinty face and answered the phone.

Savanah probably knew that what she said next would piss off Leonardo. Her breath slightly paused before she said, "Mrs. Emerson is missing."

Leonardo hadn't spoken yet, but his body radiated an extremely cold and stern aura. Rosie, who was following him, shrank almost immediately towards Tim. Tim soothingly reached out and touched Rosie's head.

Leonardo spoke in a calm tone, his voice gloomy, "What do you mean by she is missing?"

After listening to Savanah's reply, Leonardo tightened his hand holding the phone. The veins on the back of his hand protruded. He used so much strength that it seemed he was able to crush the phone in the next second.

Tim knew very well that except Summer, nothing could make Leonardo have such a big mood swing. Then thinking of what Leonardo had said, Tim vaguely had a guess.

Summer was missing. How could she be missing?

City was going to be chaotic before Summer

City upside down to

couldn't find Summer, Tim reached out and pressed his eyebrow,

turned his head to look at Tim. The latter was already waiting for his instructions, but Leonardo

moment and repeated, "Send

cold and sullen look. Tim stopped talking

know Summer was missing, and when she got into

at Rosie

seat in the back and said in an mature way, "Dad was angry all the


He was sure that Summer was missing, but why didn't Leonardo

wasn't really attentive. Sometimes,

a thought. He was absolutely sure that Rosie was

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