Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1048Will He Let Me Go?

Summer woke up in a daze. When she opened her eyes, she felt pain in the back of her neck. She closed her eyes again, reached out and rubbed her back before slowly opening her eyes once again.

What met her eyes was the clean white ceiling.

"You're awake." Douglas' voice came from one side.

Summer followed the sound and looked over, and saw Douglas sitting in front of the bed.

Douglas was still wearing the same clothes, with a hint of tiredness in his expression. He was probably sitting by the bedside all this time, waiting for her to wake up.

Summer looked around the room, which was unfamiliar and quiet. She didn't know where she was.

Douglas' voice once again sounded, "Thirsty?"

Summer did not look back at him, just stared at the ceiling and spoke with a sign, "Douglas, can you send me back? Your cousin would go crazy if he found I'm missing."

only been knocked out by Douglas, she would have woken up by now, and Leonardo would definitely know about her missing. She could imagine how furious Leonardo would be if

why Douglas did this. Even though she had been knocked out and brought out by Douglas, she still did not want to take Douglas

If Douglas could send her back

up and still believed

anything, just turned around and went to pour a glass of water. Then he walked to the bedside, helped Summer up, and wanted to feed her

head to the


did not force her. He put the cup to the side, and then slowly said, "Summer, do

had followed Leonardo since he was a child. Although later he separated from Leonardo for a long time, he was very clear about Leonardo's

years. Because of what happened to his mother, it was hard for him to

away. Leonardo probably would never trust Douglas again from now on. Douglas

moment when she heard his words. Although Leonardo's thoughts were hard to guess, the people close to him

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