Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1040 Being Soft-Hearted Is Not Good

Summer looked at Rosie for a while. Leonardo stood behind Summer, leaned over and whispered, "Are you still worried about Rosie?"

He meant Rosie would have her own life even if they weren't by Rosie's side.

Even though Rosie was still a kid, she was clever. A clever kid knew how to get along with herself.

Summer shook her head, "Rosie is still a kid."

Summer had never received any love from her mother since she was a kid, so she loved Rosie very much. Summer wished she could give all her love and all the good things to Rosie. However, the reality didn't come up to expectations.

Not to mention the goods things, Summer was an unfit mother. She did not even protect Rosie well. She was destined to be an unfit mother.

Leonardo did not stand upright. He still stood behind Summer and leaned forward. He saw Summer's expression clearly when he tilted his head to the side.

Summer's words, he knew what she was thinking, and her

Leonardo whispered, "Don't worry."

of her character. However, it

didn't want her

them and waited for Leonardo and Summer to come over, and she

beside Tim and waited for them to come over. She was as beautiful

sad. Leonardo pushed Summer's wheelchair forward. Rosie walked over with

afraid that she would

Rosie looked

at Rosie casually. Rosie, who was quite confident, was frightened by

front of him. Rosie averted her eyes from Leonardo and smiled as she said to Summer, "Mom, I'll miss you. I'll have a video

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