Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1039 Unlike Ordinary Fathers

Rosie sat on the carpet and tidied up her toys. Hearing what Summer had said, Rosie pouted and said, "I see."

Rosie looked disgruntled.

Summer put down the things in her hand and lowered her head slightly, as she reached out and stroked Rosie's face. "Of course, I know you're a good kid."

Rosie glanced at Summer and continued to tidy up her toys.

Summer laughed. Leonardo arranged for Rosie to go back to school.

Summer thought Leonardo would drive Rosie back. Unexpectedly, Leonardo had no intention of driving Rosie back. Instead, he asked Tim to pick Rosie up.

Summer did not lose her temper in front of Rosie and Tim. When Tim brought Rosie out, Summer turned to look at Leonardo and said, "Wait a minute."

wheelchair. He was

she spoke to him, she was no longer as angry as before. She

a kid, she knows a lot. How can you ask Tim to pick her up? You should drive

to him. Rosie was indeed more sensible than her

face. "How dare you

right. Rosie knows a lot of things. She knows that

said it very seriously. Summer was a little

Rosie, but he knew very well that Summer was the most important person for him,

She recalled what Leonardo had said and asked in surprise, "What do you

Summer was puzzled, so he explained

and didn't know what

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