Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1035 I'm Fine, Really

With the candy still in her mouth, Rosie took a sip and said to Carl, "Then I'm not just an ordinary kid."

Carl choked on Rosie's words, "Alright."

He turned around and met the eyes of Rosie's father. Carl covered his chest with his hands, feeling the pain. He quietly got up from the ground and asked Leonardo, "Do you still want to fight?"

Leonardo glanced at him and said, "It will have a bad impression on the kid if we fight in front of her, don't you know that?"

Carl twitched his lips and snorted, "Hypocrite!"

Unconsciously, he saw Jessica lying on the railing not far away and looking this way. He didn't know how long she had been watching them.

Carl thought about himself lying on the ground while pretending to be dead just now. No matter what he thought, it didn't look so good. Thinking of this, Carl's expression became even uglier, and he even boldly turned around and glared at Leonardo.

Leonardo was walking towards Rosie, but when he sensed Carl's gaze, he turned around and looked at Carl. Seeing Leonardo turn around, Carl immediately ran away.

to look towards Jessica, but he did not see her

up his pace and ran towards Jessica. When he walked in the door,

glanced at him and was about to leave, Carl covered his chest with his hand and pretended

he had actors at his disposal. Of course he

when she heard his voice. Carl pretended to be calm and said,

"Did I

Carl seemed to be good-tempered and even smiled at

many years, Carl had gradually

or uncomfortable. However, his acting was too exaggerated with clear intention,

happened to him. Just now, when she saw Leonardo

fight training when he was young, he rarely had the chance to fight with others. Leonardo had fought with others and had actual combat experience. Carl was definitely no

Rosie going over, they would

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