Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1036 Not Aggressive at All

Carl was a little weird today. Jessica frowned and looked at Carl for a moment before pulling him down.

"Just come over! Don't be so pretentious!"

Jessica was somewhat rude. Carl seemed to be reluctant, but in fact, he was extremely happy in his heart.

Jessica looked up and down at Carl and pulled up his clothes. She found several swollen areas on his body.

When she reached out tentatively and pressed it, Carl looked like he was restraining himself. It seemed that he was holding back the pain.

"Does it hurt?" Jessica asked.

Carl shook his head, "Not really."

Jessica rolled her eyes, and turned to instruct the servants, "Bring up the medicine kit."

upstairs. Carl appeared to be reluctant, but he followed Jessica

would definitely see it later. Carl was indeed injured after fighting with Leonardo. It didn't look good to apply the medicine in front of Leonardo.

Leonardo and Rosie

Rosie's mouth hadn't melted yet, and her words were a little muffled, "Dad, did you beat Uncle Carl up

expressionlessly, "Do you know what it means to be beaten up

turned to Leonardo and said,

curled his lips and touched Rosie's head gently. Rosie blinked her eyes. "Are you hurt? Do

really." Leonardo's big hand moved down and pushed

said with a sigh, "I think Uncle Carl is faking it

was somewhat surprised,

weren't aggressive at all. Uncle Carl was just faking it." Rosie said seriously, and Leonardo thought her

will help Uncle Carl with the medicine. Let me help you then." Rosie muttered to

Leonardo sat on the sofa while Rosie sat beside him with her short legs

apart Pikachu Band-Aid and then

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