Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1026 Aren't You Tired?

Tim got it and asked Leonardo, "Then what should we do now?"

Leonardo only said, "Sit and wait."

Tim nodded to show that he understood.

Leonardo continued, "Lester definitely has an agenda when he appears. He will take action when he wants to hit the mark."

"I understand." Tim nodded.

Tim glanced up and his eyes ranged over the bed, only to find that Summer was awake and looked over.

Leonardo could not help but turn to look at the bed when he saw Tim's eyes.

Seeing that Summer woke up, Leonardo turned around to look at Tim before he got up and walked over.

Tim discreetly turned around to leave.

"You're up. Are your hands cold?" Leonardo walked over and gently touched Summer's hands.

on a drip, so her hands

warm them. Summer looked at Leonardo and whispered,

paused and then said

Summer replied, "Yes."

speak, he suddenly looked at her with affection as if he thought of something, "You actually

She didn't notice it before Leonardo

memory recently. She might not remember the people she came into contact with, let alone Lester, whom she only heard

a little surprised, "It's very effective." Summer looked up at the infusion bag hung in

calm but tightened his grip on

Leonardo. Was Leonardo happy with her

feel happy?

hand where she was putting on a drip. When Leonardo found that everything was normal, he no longer frowned but

out to touch Summer's forehead

motionlessly. She did not seem to want to

asked Leonardo, "Why can't I

anything and just looked

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