Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1025 Set Up by Him

Leonardo had never seen Lester in person. Leonardo looked at the photo in his hands for a while, but was not sure if he was Lester.

Leonardo put down the photo solemnly and knocked on the table with his fingers.

Seeing this, Tim said, "Lester was besieged by Stanley and thrown into the sea. Lester's body was fished out by his subordinates and he was confirmed dead."

Tim couldn't understand why Lester who was dead suddenly came back to life.

Leonardo looked at Tim and said in a deep voice, "Are you sure that Lester was responsible for the recent incident?"

Tim explained after thinking, "There is no enough evidence so far to prove Lester was responsible for it. However, neither you nor Stanley made any actions. So only Lester could do it."

"Perhaps...." Leonardo paused and said, "The one who died is not the real Lester."

Emerson, do you mean ... Lester faked his

"Lester's death was reported globally with photos attached.

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Lester's death was all over the papers, Leonardo did not believe it at once and asked someone to

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alive, Leonardo making news globally to trick Stanley into cooperating would

to spread the fake news that Lester was still alive through considerable resources. However, Leonardo

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