Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1023 Tired of His Hypocrisy

"Stanley, don't you understand? No matter what you do to me or to Leonardo, I wouldn't hate you so much. You shouldn't have attacked Rosie."

Summer was always a soft-hearted person; otherwise, she would not have put up with the Jarretts for so many years. Even when she was forced to marry Leonardo, she still had illusion about Karen.

However, Stanley should never have hurt Rosie. Rosie was Summer's treasure.

Stanley remained silent for a long time. Summer was tired of dealing with him and his hypocrisy.

When she was about to leave, she heard him say, "Actually, it is Lester's fault that Bendy has turned out like that. Do you think I want this to happen? If it weren't for Lester, I wouldn't have ended up like this!"

"If I were an Emerson and had got a helping hand like Leonardo, I wouldn't have ended up here!"

"No one would say no to a decent life."

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