Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1024 Still Alive

Stanley had a long face when he looked up at Summer's face. Then he began the injection.

Because Summer was too skinny, she felt the pain the moment he inserted the needle. Summer frowned and her face contorted slightly as she pursed her lips tightly. Leonardo could tell it hurt and walked forward.

Stanley saw Leonardo approaching from the corner of his eye. With a push of his hand, the needle aimed well at her vein.

Summer's eyebrows twitched. When Stanley raised his head, he saw Leonardo's expressionless face and felt a cold aura. Stanley even felt the room colder.

However, Stanley did not mind Leonardo and lowered his head to pack his things. After it was done, Stanley said, "When the two bottles of potions are over, you can go back to rest."

Summer looked up at the infusion bottle hanging above her head, and asked, "For how long?"

"Till night." Stanley slowed it down a little.

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