Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 110 Met Luis

Though Dennis barely contacted Olivia recently, I still felt bad as if being stabbed into my heart whenever I noticed something fishy about them.

“Is it because of Dennis again?” she sighed, “Clara, pregnancy would be likely to bring you emotional fluctuation. Take it easy. Perhaps it’s just that you were being too suspicious.”

She paused and added, “How about that? I will tell Alex about it so as to get you a check when he returns. Maybe he can do this favor.”

I nodded. Then the door of the bedroom was opened. It was Dennis.

I said on the phone, “Take care.”

“Okay.” She replied. She paused for seconds and said, “Don’t tell Mario where I am.”

Meanwhile, Dennis walked over to me while holding berries.

I agreed and hung up the phone.

He sat to my side and fed me a berry. His voice sound clear and soft, “Have a try.”

I didn’t wanna taste it. So I shook my head.

Seeing that I looked displeased, he didn’t insist. He just sat by my side, silent. After quite a while, he went to get some files from the study and started to browse them.

I had nothing else to do either. So I got myself a book to read.

Diana seemed to notice Alex as soon as we finished our talk. When I got the call from Alex, I was getting really sleepy in the midst of reading. The ringtone of my phone suddenly pulled me back to soberness.

Dennis, who was focusing on the files, suddenly looked at me when hearing my phone ring. Then he continued with the files.

I picked up the phone and went to the balcony.