Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 109 Dead End

Taking a glimpse of his furrowed brows, I added, “The crisis this time was nothing special but a reshuffle you had planned for. You managed to get rid of those investors who failed to bear the loss during those days. Then you made acquisition of the stock with low price. When the George Group returns to normal, you can sell the stock with a higher price. By doing so, the stock value of the George Group will be doubled.”

Since he was the executive of the group, he must have a clear understanding about it.

After hearing my speculation, he raised his brows, “Buy you are my wife, there is no reason for me to make you take the risk.”

Hearing that, I couldn’t help sneering, “Dennis, you do deem me your wife?”

Among all those staffs in the George Group, only a few of them were his trusted follower—both Marcus and Mario were his bosom fellows who had been through everything together with him. It was impossible for him to let them take the risk. So I was left to be the best alternative.

“Clara, there was actually something far beyond our expectation. You are clever. But you aren’t discerning enough to see through everything.”

His voice was mixed with fatigue. I could tell that he must be tired.

I responded with silence and leaned against the headboard to collect myself. Then I got off the bed, “Get back to your work. I wanna take a walk downstairs.”

Nanny Daisy was cleaning the plants scattering around because of the heavy rain in the yard. Seeing me walking downstairs, she smiled, “You have finally woken up. Are you still feeling sick?”

I shook my head and saw waxberries all over the ground, which were shaken off from the tree by the rain. They looked red and mature.

I was feeling good as I had just recovered from the serious fever. I went into the parlor to get a basket. Then I walked to stand under the tree and started to pick all the waxberries that I could reach.

Looking at the tempting waxberries, I couldn’t help but stuff one into my mouth.

“Hey!” I heard someone speak loud behind me. It was Dennis, who was actually one feet taller than me. He walked over to me and grabbed the basket from my hand, “Watch the worms on the berries. You can keep stuffing them in your mouth when they are unclean if you wanna get a diarrhea.”

While speaking, he handed the basket to Nanny Daisy, “Soak the berries into saline water.”

Nanny Daisy took the basket. She cast an ambiguous look at both of us. Then she left.