Please Let Me Go

Chapter 14 Make a Little Progress

Adelaide felt her heartbeat seemed to stop. Looking at Antonio with big eyes in disbelief, she obviously didn't expect him to wake up so timely. Antonio turned over and pressed against her. Looking at her with his deep eyes for a while, Antonio lowered his head and kissed her. “He kissed me?” This thought flashed in her mind, her eyes were as big as copper bells because she couldn't believe it.

“Stupid woman, I said it many times, close your eyes when I kiss you.”

“Oh!” After hearing his word, she closed eyes idly accordingly. Soon she felt humid and hot. His lips was tender as imagined. With his tongue opened her teeth, the two people quickly got entangled.

Adelaide let out a groan uncontrollably, then her face blushed as being roasted. After a lingering deep kiss, Antonio's teeth gently bit on her lower lip, and slowly applied force until the person felt pain and screamed, her eyes seemed to shed tears.

She didn't understand what he meant. It was fine just now. What's wrong? But it was so late, so she didn’t want to call grandma again. She looked at Antonio aggrievedly, which satisfied Antonio very much. He let her lips go and whispered quietly, "This is a punishment for you being restless. Be careful that I" Antonio omitted that word, but Adelaide immediately understood what he meant. While her little face was flushed, she nodded hard, indicating that she did not dare to.

After getting Adelaide’s answer, Antonio really didn’t continue bullying her. Adelaide patted her chest, after ensuring that Antonio was not really angry and would not wake up suddenly, she also gradually fell asleep.

Next morning, Damla didn’t dare to play tricks because of Hermosa. She placed a cup of hot milk before Adelaide’s breakfast. As seeing Adelaide walked downstairs, she said respectfully, “Mrs. Baron, breakfast is ready.” Adelaide hadn’t adapted to her sudden change. After everyone arrived, Hermosa specially asked her about last night. Adelaide blushed uncontrollably when she thought of the scene of being kissed by Antonio. Fully noticed the series of her reactions, Hermosa was filled with joy thinking his grandchildren finally understood. “Adelaide, Antonio is too thin, give him more food!”

sitting with her. After hearing Hermosa’s word, she immediately kept

Hermosa, “What’s wrong? Adelaide put food into your bowl because she

Antonio rarely lost his temper like this.

fine, fine, he doesn’t need to eat up.” Adelaide was afraid that

scared Antonio, he glared at Adelaide and moved the bowl back reluctantly. A bite of vegetables! A bite of

ask Damla to cook his favorite food, but today grandma and Damla got

into his bowl, especially when he pushed them aside but Hermosa required him to eat up. Although she tried hard not to laugh, Adelaide’s shoulders shook. In order not to let Antonio know her tricks, she pretended to be serious when putting food into his bowl. This time, she put his favorite food into his bowl

wasn’t that bad. He put the piece of meat she gave into his mouth and ate it loudly.

Hermosa always couldn’t lower it. The shredded pork with mushrooms on

asked you to eat less meat as you have hyperlipidemia. Less doesn’t mean absolutely not. Giving a rinse will make the meat contain less oil. I think

nodded with a smile after hearing Adelaide’s

glad that Adelaide treated Hermosa well but he didn’t want to reveal. Instead, he deliberately

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