Please Let Me Go

Chapter13 Hermosa Manfred’s Authority

Have to say that Hermosa Manfred’s word was powerful. Clarissa Swift directly skipped the step to plead with Antonio Baron. “What’s wrong, grandma?” Antonio frowned and asked impatiently, but he didn’t hold Clarissa nor say anything to let her stay.

Clarissa sighed and was reluctant to give in to Hermosa. In her mind, she cursed both Hermosa Manfred and Adelaide Swift again and again.

Finally, she pretended to be tender and said to Antonio, “Antonio, it’s my fault. I went to see my sister, however, her mood was bad and shouted at me that my child was a bastard. I got angry to hit her, then grandma came in and refused to hear my explanation. It’s all my fault, I will leave now.”

She walked towards the iron gate but her slow pace betrayed her.

“Grandma, you must have misunderstood Clarissa. Doesn’t the woman sow discord?” After hearing Antonio defending for Clarissa, Hermosa got speechless and angry, then she hit his back with her crutch.

“What are you doing?” Antonio moved and dodged Hermosa’s next hit.

so angry.” Hermosa

to patiently comforted her. Till night, Hermosa still insisted staying. Pushing Antonio into Adelaide’s bedroom, Hermosa warned before leaving, “Treat Adelaide well,

nervous because she hadn’t slept with Antonio for a long time. But this time it’s not her who asked Hermosa to come here. Antonio glanced at her coldly, hummed and then enter

is my bathrobe?” Adelaide heard Antonio’s disgruntled voice from the bathroom after sitting by the bed for a

a minute, I will give it to you soon.” Adelaide said nervously. When Antonio stepped out of the bathroom, Adelaide stood up immediately. Afraid that

bed. Adelaide thought Antonio didn’t believe. She also went to bed, holding his arm tightly with her hands and explaining, “It’s really not me.”

a tantalizing aroma from her and immediately got ignited. He got up and pressed against her. Adelaide

Antonio snickered, reached out and hooked Adelaide's chin, "Yes or no depends on you?" Then he flirted with her which

Hermosa was still waiting outside the door. “Bad boy, I will embarrass you if you dare to bully

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