Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 42 Decision of The Tale

N/A surprise surprise ????? I know you guys probably like WHATTTTT!!!!? But Ive already told you guys that this story is coming to its end and here it is. Yeah I know that you want it have more Pertemis moment but unfortunately, that will be just like Pertemis one shot. Also I've decided to finish this book so I don't have to worry about not updating anymore. Anyway, enjoy the last moment of my Pertemis. ???? don't worry. I'll say what is needed later on. Anyway, enjoy. ~.~

The flame flickering, its shadow danced upon the wall as Perseus sat by Artemis side patiently waiting for any changes. After he was sure she had drank Lucien blood, Paecus and Apollo now left for patrolling in case of any Olympian guards wandering around. She was changing to the better. The life came back to her beautiful face, her radiant was regaining its light and her hair had left that deathly white. Even though her eyes did not open, he knew she'd wake soon.

He grabbed her hands, holding them tight between his palms because his mind was not in peace.

For the death of Lucien set him the realisation of reality. He now understood why many people tried to stop their relationship. It wasn't him or her that would be in danger. But also the people around them. He loved her from the bottom of his heart, and he would sacrifice himself just to keep her safe. He dearest their moments, from despair to hope. His dream was always the same as the previous, that someday their relationship could change.

But he couldn't be selfish.

Their loves were great and they had faith in each other. But if that relationship would cause anyone around them harm, Percy did not want. For Lucien death casted a shadow in his heart, as an example of their relationship effect. It was his hand that killed him and by it he repented for his eternal life.

His ignorant now brought the consequences. For long he just thought about Artemis and she was always the priority. But now he knew reality was not just only that. Death would soon come to them, and she or he would either stain their hands with blood again.

He stroke her face, running his finger down her cheeks and he smiled but his heart quenched. He loved her so much that it broke him seeing her in pain. And because he loved her, he couldn't let her get hurt because of him again. His love for Artemis was great beyond the universe, but the Fates said they weren't meant for each other. He was her doom he knew that. But before he just wanted a little more time to dwell in that fantasy and ecstasy with her. But things have their limit, and Lucien death rung a bell for him to wake.

He had to leave. For her sake and her life, despite his heart cried with agony he had to get away from her. Because it was the only way to keep her safe. He was a knife that didn't  know when it would cut its holder, a flame near a fabric that didn't know when it would set it on fire.

"I'm sorry Artemis" he smiled, his finger tingling across her soft skin and his heart trembled with tears. "I love you beyond everything in the world. But my love will bring you death and ruin. The promise I made here I shall break. But you have to know that I do it for your sake."

Tear rolled down his eyes. For he knew his words could not penetrate through her unconscious mind. He expected her to be angry and furious and he hoped it. For her hatred could set them free easier from each other. But he feared most her heart would break and fall into despair, and again he would hurt her against his oath. He was still in doubt if her feeling to him was equally great, or perhaps it also contained sisterly love. He never loved her as his blood, for her beauty and her nature captured him the moment he saw her. If she loved him out of the caress and pity and responsibility, then his heart would be at peace.

He leaned closer and planted a last kiss upon her forehead. He pressed it close and poured all his passion and love into it. IHe leaned away and looked one last look at her beauty again, for the first girl and love he ever held so dear and none could replace it.

"Goodbye Stubborn Girl, my Hunter"

He let her arm fell gently on the bed and left.

Standing by the cliff staring down at the forest below. The sun casted last its fiery rays upon the the forest as it came to its end. The cloud mirrored its radiant and laid upon his dark hair a crown of fire.

He couldn't leave right away as he intended to. Somehow, an unknown power kept drawing his heart back to the camp. Perhaps long he dwelled in this place, the forest, trees and animals there had become his home. But there was something else. It was the loyalty that always there in his heart kept drawing him back.

of the day and above the sky, the stars had become visible. Percy casted a

last tear dropped onto

do you think you are

familiar voice yet sounded pleasant even though it came

day sprayed on her back, making her glow like a goddess descending. Her silver hair streaming from her head by the Western wind, that silver globes always fascinated him gazed with an stern and that beautiful


him and she growled with


deeply as he rubbed circles on the back of her hands with his thumbs. As if a child trying to apologise.

to leave so you won't have to suffer from my shadows. This time, Fates or not it was me that got you hurt and I repent it. But the longer I stay with you, the more danger will follow me and I-I've already slain a

was asleep!?" She bursted out and pinned him that made him wince and retrieve his hand. "At least make a proper one and say it when I'm

No they already fallen and

him to leave and her heart wanted to scream it at him. After everything, through perilous roads they took and she for the first time experience the state of death; and when she thought things

heart aside. She could feel his sorrow, his pain and yet she did not have the courage to tell him.

walked closer and held her cheeks, his thumbs swept away her tears and he smiled. Yet his eyes were

yourself okay?" He raised his brows and somehow, automatically she leaned onto his palm for comfort. "Learn to cook for yourself. I can't believe someone has lived for four thousand years and never once learnt how to

she chuckled at his words.

clean your closet. Don't rely on your power to much that you one day may

the point his heart was too weak to continue. But he had to say what his heart wanted and perhaps to

make your hunters wash your clothes anymore. At least

and his words even though could be considered insult and teasing. Yet they sounded like flatter in her ears. Her smile she gave, but her heart trembled with tears. Even though the moment when she hoped he could stand there and

contained the sadness and the way he looked at her that moment made her heart ache and fell to its bottomless void. He set a flock of her hair behind

I'm gonna

But before she could reply, he stepped

"Goodbye Artemis"

beyond. Artemis stood there, her heart yearned towards him yet she could not do anything. So she made more reason

and he turned back with hope. As if he was

was swirling of what

looked up into his eyes. There she slowly took of her jacket, the silver

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