Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 43 Alternative Ending

So here's for those that cried and still not satisfied; and probably still cursing me at the moment. ???✌️?

This takes event at the cliff.

"Wait!" She called for him and he turned back with hope. As if he was expecting something.

And she ran up to him, her mind was swirling of what she could do to stay with him longer.

She shortened their distance, and looked up into his eyes. There she slowly took of her jacket, the silver with thick fur wrapping at the neck as the winter was coming close.

She gently cloaked her jacket around him and it expanded magically to fit his size. She fixed the collar, her eyes never left his. But her soft finger set a tingling sensation in his chest, and it touched at his soul.

"It'll be cold up North" her voice was soft, so much care was in it and he heart cracked at that moment. "Stay warm all the time okay?"

She told him, yet unable to express how she felt. For the tumult still in her heart, and she was still confused of her feelings. But now perhaps forever she wouldn't know what it is.

Percy unable to stop himself. And he stepped forward and brought her to his arms and he held her tightly like a precious gem. He loved her, yet he could not stay. They enjoyed each other warmth. Until the sky had turned black, and the starlight shined upon them. He kissed her forehead, pressing his lips stronger with passion and love, and at the same time trying to contain his tears.

I love you

Artemis eyes were blurred and she couldn't comprehend them completely. She thought those words he said between that kiss, yet she was not sure and know how to respond.

"Goodbye Arty"

goodbye. Not after these months, not after every moments they shared, not after every pain they endured. But she just nodded and he turned and he walked away without looking

her feet glued to the ground and just stared at his back. The flashbacks came like a swirlpool in her mind. Then suddenly as a wind, the last line of the prophecy rang in her

and three

heart shall

fire consumed her and it swallowed her whole. That fire of love, the love she had for him. Now she understood all her confused feelings, which she did not know the answer. It was love. The first moment their eyes laid, her fate had changed indeed forever; and he had set a fire

dooms followed them...because she was feared her doom would bring him deaths. She was afraid of what could bring them after she said those word. And the courage lost within

heart, yet in those,

the rocky barren cliff. It's flower swayed in the wind, the white mantles sang in her mind the lyrics of its soul. It looked strange and yet somehow connected to her. The pistils stared coldly at her and its leaves waved for her realisation. And her determination came back, like a sudden wind floated from the ocean. For once she had pointed to the sky, and yelled to the world that she would do

the moment she looked at his back, all her courage fell. Yet, a word


like a dust on the ground and it was dispersed by the wind

into his ears. It came and rang like a bell in his heart, yet

her. He was hoping she could stay him, if she truly loved him, so would not let him go. Yet he walked and waited hopelessly. Until this single word came. And the realisation hit him, for she never called him this name but always Perseus and it came as

behind and the courage inside her was shut. Yet

with his legs which to reach her first. And his steps made the

and the side of her cheeks, but it was gentle and delicate. Her mouth slight opened

leaned closer and brought her tender lips to him.

poured even more between the kiss and Artemis eyes were wide in shock. For never once she kissed someone this openly. Even though in the past their lips were accidentally

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