However, as soon as everyone entered the castle, they were dumbfounded. It was packed with people and a couple appeared to be getting married inside. The groom was a "Garfield" while the bride was an extremely beautiful girl dressed as a princess.

Aside from the Garfield groom and princess bride, the other wedding guests were all wearing costumes. There was Mickey Mouse... Donald Duck... as well as some weird unrecognizable characters...

"Huh, SpongeBob SquarePants?! It's you again?! Are you here to cause trouble again?!"

"Donald Duck" stared at "SpongeBob SquarePants" Yi Shuihan and broke into shouts.

Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. What happened?

"Earlier... Yi Shuihan remembered the time wrong and came here first... I'm guessing... he caused havoc at their wedding..." Lin Que said as he slid to Ye Wanwan's side.

Ye Wanwan facepalmed. What kind of sin did she commit?!

If she'd known, she shouldn't have asked Tangtang to invite him.

"But it's not our fault! We reserved this park ahead of time, but they insisted on cramming in here too," "Briar[1]" Jiang Lihen said.