The girl bounded toward him like a ball of sun, illuminating the entire world in his eyes.

Si Yehan's eyes were brimming with a gentle warmth, but when his gaze landed on her bare feet, his brows furrowed. "Why aren't you wearing shoes?"

He hastily leaned over and picked up the girl.

Closely following behind Ye Wanwan were Haitang and Autumn Water's panting voices as each carried a shoe.

Autumn Water: "Sh*t! How could you run out here like this?! What kind of bride acts like this?"

Haitang: "Why can't you follow the formula?"

"If I followed the formula, would I still get married? Do you know how difficult it was for me to abdu”ahem, be able to get married to my baby?"

Ye Wanwan was being carried in Si Yehan's arms, but she didn't forget to relay her commands. "Why are you standing there? Make way!"

"Yes... Yes... Sis Feng..." Big Dipper hastily scrambled to lay out the red carpet.

Gong Xu cowered as soon as he saw Ye Wanwan and also miserably carried the flower basket and scattered rose petals for her.