Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2389: Eat dinner together

The icy gaze sent a shiver down Ah-Zhong's back. He gulped and said, "Madam, I know Young Master Yin Heng committed a grievous crime this time, but his motives were to better the future of the Yin family. After all, he's the future head of the Yin family..."

"You should know Eldest Young Master's personality. He's been bewitched by that vixen and most likely won't return, so the Yin family's future will have to depend on Young Master Yin Heng..."

Yin Yuerong's expression darkened abruptly. "Are you threatening me?"

"I... I wouldn't dare! Why would I, Madam?! I'm merely thinking on behalf of Madam and the Yin family!"


"Yes... y-yes..."


In the Si residence secret dungeon:

Ah-Zhong snuck inside again.