Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2388: Place him next door

Yin Yuerong naturally caught that Auntie Qiao was helping that woman, so she aloofly asked, "So I should be grateful and on my knees simply because she didn't speak ill of me in front of a child? Do you think I care?"

Auntie Qiao quickly lowered her head and respectfully said, "Of course you wouldn't. You've never cared about what other people thought, Madam."

Auntie Qiao had a thorough understanding of Yin Yuerong's personality. Changing her opinion of a person was harder than ascending to the heavens.

That was the case for Si Huaizhang, that was the case for Eldest Young Master, and that was the case for Worriless Nie without exception...

No matter what Si Huaizhang did, Madam was unwilling to change her feelings toward him and unwilling to give up. Madam's severeness and misplaced anger toward Eldest Young Master also never changed. When it came to Worriless Nie, she had caused Eldest Young Master to completely escape Madam's control, so it was nearly impossible to make Madam accept her.

Auntie Qiao couldn't help but sigh inwardly. Worriless Nie's evaluation of Madam was fairly accurate. Madam was fine otherwise, but her personality was seriously...

Yin Yuerong glanced at the child before standing up as she pinched her brows. "I won't return to the ancestral estate today and will work here. As for this child, make arrangements for him, Auntie Qiao."

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