Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2321: Forceful abduction?

Si Yehan's arrival still evoked quite a big wave.

After all, there were many members of the Arbitration Council present, and word of the incident last night had spread.

Every guest heard that this haughty and condescending Miss Yi ignored everyone but solely exchanged a few words with Si Yehan and invited him to dance with her.

Everyone was waiting for the next scoop of gossip, but Miss Yi didn't seem to show any reaction to Si Yehan's arrival and stayed seated where she was, conversing with Medusa without a glance at Si Yehan.

In reality, before Ye Wanwan could do anything, Yi Lingjun had hogged Si Yehan all to himself the second Si Yehan arrived.

Upon seeing the lack of interaction between Yi Yunnmo and Si Yehan, Yin Heng, who had been paying close attention this whole time, finally breathed a sigh of relief. He really did over-think things...

Si Yehan's attitude was a big hit to Ye Wanwan, and she was unable to recover from the setback, listlessly sitting in her seat.

Medusa cleared her throat before comforting her. "Little Junior Sister, this proves he's devotedly loyal to you, so you should be happy instead! When you recover your identity as Worriless Nie, you can go on whatever date you want!"

Ye Wanwan grumbled. "But I want to go on a date with him now!"

It felt too terrible being able to see him but unable to touch him!