Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2320: Was she old and unable to lift a backsword anymore?

Ye Wanwan was rendered speechless by Yi Lingjun, her feelings complicated!

From Worriless Nie's viewpoint, she should be happy that Si Yehan didn't come. However, from Yi Yunmo's viewpoint, she was a bit angry.

Freaking! Who cared who she was?! She just had to become connected to him!

Ye Wanwan occasionally glanced at the entrance but still didn't see Si Yehan's figure. However, the people hitting on her came one wave after another.

In some nearby corner:

The director, who brought his son to gain favor with Ye Wanwan last time but had his son run off on him, was also in attendance today.

"Xu Yang, if you dare to run away again today like last time, you don't want to know how I'll punish you!"

"Dad... Could it be that you brought me back here simply to make me do this kind of thing? To seduce and curry favor with a woman?" The youth was infuriated, his eyes scarlet.

The director snorted. "Why else? Your martial arts skills are the same as a crippled person! Aside from having a decent-looking face, what use are you to the Xu family?"