Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2319: Can absolutely seduce him

Thankfully, Yi Lingjun was probably in a good mood from being reunited with his daughter, so he invited his disciples and some higher-ups from the Arbitration Council. Nearly all of the well-known members of Tianshui City also attended as well.

Qin Xiyuan and Yin Heng naturally attended.

Several socialites were gathered together and brimmed with stunned admiration as they examined the sumptuous setting of the venue and the long line of prestigious guests.

"Wow! What an enormous procession!"

"Right? It's just a normal party, but it's more extravagant than Qin Xiyuan's coming-of-age ceremony back then!"

"After all, she's the daughter of Sir President. Even though there's just a single-word difference between president and vice president, the differences are mammoth, alright?!"

"Shhh, tone it down! Don't let Qin Xiyuan overhear you!"