Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter154 Public Figure

If Rebecca is just a child of ordinary people, maybe no one cares about her, but she and Albert are Edward's children.

Although no one knows about this matter now, Edward has to take precautions. He will never allow the same thing to happen again, let alone sees the fear on Alice's face.

In the past, Alice might not approve of his approach, but the safety of children has always been a top priority, so she agrees to him.

"Each of us pays half of the tuition."

Edward frowns subconsciously and looks at the stubborn Alice, "Does the boundary between us have to be so clear?"

She avoids his eyes, but he pushes his fingers against her chin and forces her to look at him.

"After all, we have no relation with each other." She takes a deep breath and tries to control her breath, and says calmly.

"Alice!" He growls and leans down, shortening the distance from her. Her heartbeat speeds up. She tries to avoid him, but she can't stop him from approaching because of the small space on the sofa.

"Do you think the boundary between us can be distinguished clearly? Because of the child in your belly, I will always have a relation with you, not to mention that we still have Albert and Rebecca."

Looking at his ink-like eyes, she is stunned. His eyes are always beautiful and deep, which make people have the illusion of being sucked in and the desire to keep watching.

This is his unstoppable charm, but it is also a danger.

Albert's eyes are very similar to his, and Rebecca's facial features are more like hers. One of the two children is like him and the other is like herself, and the child in her belly...

It is something she has never thought about, it is an accident.


children to the kindergarten, she doesn’t expect to be surrounded by a group

the reporters wearing glasses rushes to her with the microphone and asks, "Miss Alice, do you and Mr. Edward of

her continues to ask her, "Who is the biological father of the two children around you? Doesn’t Mr. Edward care

that you have got involved in the relationship between Miss Joanna and Mr. Edward, which prevents their wedding from proceeding. What

Alice, please answer

is the biological father of the two children? Are you a divorced person or

the other. These reporters seem to be crazy, they surround her and refuse to let her go. Alice can only hold the two children's

face looks a little pale at this time, and she grasps tightly

but also keep hindering them from going to the direction of the kindergarten gate,

no need to guess. She still probably knows why this group of reporters appear

family can grasp her whereabouts in

say secretly that she is a mistress,

Albert and Rebecca are Edward's children. But at this time, listening to reporters

have to answer your

a public figure, what you did has a lot of negative effects. Don't you have any explanation for that?" The reporter with glasses asks her again. There is a cold light in his eyes under his spectacles, which shows that he is a difficult

Alice sneers.

I don't need to explain it to you. Second, isn't the so-called negative impact caused by your

Her eyes sweep across the reporters in front of her, and

if she becomes a mother. Alice can speak with a good attitude, but if anyone bullies her children, she will never be

don't seem to know that there are two children around her until this

Rebecca's expressions are a little frightened. They are originally very cute and beautiful, and anyone who looks at them will like them. Their frightened appearances make the reporters feel a

down and becomes quiet, and the kindergarten security finally takes the opportunity to escort the two children to the kindergarten. After walking into the kindergarten, Albert stops and

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