Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter 153 Hesitation

"Can I go to the Maternity Center when I go for a checkup next week?" asks Alice.

Maternity Center?

Edward furrows his eyebrows slightly. The Maternity Center is the property of the Smith family. Indeed, when he took Alice for check up for the first time, he wanted to go there, but in order to hide her from the truth of her pregnancy, he took her to a private hospital.

"I heard that the hospital is well equipped, but if it's not convenient to change to there, then forget it..." Being aware of Edward's silence, she subconsciously lets go of this idea since she is also indecisive.

"Then we’ll go there as your wishes."

Alice pauses and looks at Edward. His eyes are soft, but there is a hint of anxiety. In an instant, her heart seems to be pierced by a needle. “Shall I agree with Janet?” Alice is wondering.

Joanna has been in a very bad mood recently. Originally, she heard that Charles grabbed the child of Alice and Edward, and she was thinking about how to settle the child. As a result, although his father controlled the police and did not help Edward, the child was found.

As for Charles, he was caught by the mysterious man and confessed that it was Joanna who asked him to kidnap the child!

This video is posted on the Internet. For a while, her image as a celebrity collapsed. Even the people who originally stood on her side and spurn Alice as a mistress also felt that Joanna went too far and shouldn’t incite people to kidnap a child.

This is not a big deal. What irritates Joanna most is that Alice, the bitch lives in Edward’s villa with peace of mind. Both Edward and Alice spend days together and it is intolerable for Joanna.

"The tea is so hot. Do you want to burn me deliberately?" Joanna directly smashes the tea cup on the ground, staring at the servant in front of her angrily.

The servant quivers with fright, but she doesn’t dare to say anything. The young lady has always had a bad temper, especially in recent days. Today this is the fifth cup that has been smashed.

"Get out!"

servant is relieved

the leather sofa in the living room, Joanna's pretty face is overcast with rage at the moment. She couldn’t help but burn in anger

phone on the coffee

up, Joanna gives a cold

"Auntie, what’s up?"

the other end of the line doesn’t care at all. Instead she repeats what she said to Alice to Joann, “Joanna, don’t worry. I will definitely not let that bitch give birth to her child, and

sneers since she has heard

she only hopes to see Alice disappear forever before

"Is it?"

promised me to give up the child. As long as Edward knows that she secretly has an abortion, based on my understanding of Edward, he will never forgive her easily." Janet doesn’t play the old tricks again. Edward didn’t drop his idea that year for

in fact, she just wants to let her have a miscarriage. As long as the child is gone, Edward will understand what kind of woman

a little. Edward always trusts Alice since he loves her so much. According to the doctor, the child should be Edward’s. Therefore, if Alice gives up the child without informing

give up the child?" Joanna

her children. I promised to let them go and give

carefully and snorts coldly. As expected, Alice is a

Her forehead is still drenched in cold sweat. When she sees the familiar

agreed with Janet’s plan to have an abortion. Edward arrived at a critical moment. His eyes were full of pain and disappointments, making her feel like


did he sleep next to her? Alice is

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