Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 49-2 Gone Too Far (2)

Sabrina's POV

“Anthony, I don't trust the way Josey was so eager to go back with Cayden. After what he did to her mates, I mean hours ago she hated him and almost killed his sister but now she was more than happy to go back and finish her mission." I say looking at Anthony who was still smiling from hearing me call Hunter something else.

"So? Maybe she just wants to finish her mission.” Anthony says and I shrug.

"Maybe. Maybe that's the reason but I can't shake the feeling that we are wrong so I need you to to follow them." I say.

"You want me to spy?" Anthony asks and I smile sheepishly.

"I need you to spy. Make sure Josey is still alive and well too. I can keep an eye on them here but I need someone on the ground too." I say and Anthony lets out a sigh.

"I better not get caught. I still have to meet my true mate and here you are sending me off to be vampire breakfast.” Anthony jokes and I roll my eyes.

"Is it not nightfall soon there?" Mother asks.

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"Yes. The time that they wake up.. oh how hungry they will be." Anthony says before disappearing.

"Mother, I need you to go back and check on father. Make things right with him and his wolf, I will try find a way to reverse your fake mate bond and maybe give my father another chance at love. True love but until then, you go say your sorry." I say looking at my mother.

"And Hunter, I need you to arrange my school attendance. I'm ready to be the moon goddess, the time for playing is over. I need to grow up and take my rightful place." I say and Hunter smiles.

"I'm on it." He says before walking out.

I nod my head at mother, who then disappears off.

I walk out of my office and straight for the recovery room to pay Cherisse a visit.

She was awake but I'm sure it will take sometime for her to heal and for the bone to reattach itself. Josey man.

"Hello Cherisse." I say as I sit down on a chair next to her bed. She looks at me then looks away.

"Where is my brother? And I need blood.” Cherisse says in a bratty voice.

"Your brother is back on earth." I say and Cherisse looks at me.

"He left me here?" She shouts out and I nod my head yes.

"What is his obsession with that damn wolf?! He is barely thinking straight." Cherisse thinks out loud.

"I was hoping you would give me answers to that." I say

"Cayden is obsessed with having a child, needing an heir so if he believes that Josey is capable of providing him with what he needs then he will go as far as compelling her to do what he wants.” Cherisse tells me.

"I thought a vampire couldn't do that to another vampire..." I say. I am shocked at this revelation, I thought Josey was safe from compulsion.