Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 49-1 Gone Too Far (1)

Cayden's POV


To just simply call her beautiful would not be enough. Looking into her eyes was not enough, I want her near me, in my arms. She has taken up space in my head, consuming my thoughts.


For so many years I had given up on love or even the sick idea of it but here I am, welcoming it back into my life. This sneaky little fire cracker, came into my life for her own selfish reasons and I should be consumed with anger that someone would try con their way into my kingdom but I couldn't be more intrigued.


That same curiosity led me to a whole new world, meeting the very woman that led to my mother's curse, to my curse and only to have her daughter steal my cold heart. Risking my rule, my kingdom just to have her in my life, to have her with me as my queen.


I didn't want to manipulate her into coming here but I had no other choice. I will not force her into bed with me, I'm not that desperate. Maybe I am desperate but I'm not the monster everyone thinks I am. I will not violate her like that, I just need her to feel what I feel or at the very least, give me the chance to show her how I feel inside amd hopefully the vampire side of her will fall for me.


For what I have done, she will forgive me eventually. I just need her vampire to recognize me as her king and to recognize herself as much queen.


"So, where did our people go?” Josey asks me and I smile.