No One But You

Chapter 74 I Want to Go Too

"You’ve never been there before?"

"As if you’ve been there before."

"I was there during my first marriage."

"You got married when you were 28. That’s way too early. You don’t appreciate the beautiful sceneries when you are young."

"When are we going?"

I thought about when Fairy was going to go. It seemed like it was going to be the day after tomorrow.

"Well, the day after tomorrow."

"In such a hurry? I'll have someone book the flight."

"That would be perfect!" I put my chopsticks on the table. I folded my arms around my body and slowly said, "I’ll eat after you finish booking the flight."

Brooke probably never experienced a negotiation in which the other party was this arrogant. I knew he was upset.

But he still held his phone and walked out of the room. Ten minutes later he came in and told me, "The flight is the day after tomorrow at 9:28 in the morning."

I nodded in satisfaction. It was weird how I felt hungry by the time he finished booking the flight, so I picked up my bowl and ate.

I looked forward to finding out what Fairy’s expression would be after she saw me. Would she be disgusted?

Just a honeymoon. What was there to show off?

I didn’t see Calvin in the past few days. He left early and returned late.

Fairy’s expression looked particularly anxious. I guessed that she was worried because she was leaving tomorrow. If Calvin didn’t come back tonight, then that meant he didn’t plan on going.

Fairy probably ate relatively little during dinner at night. For the first time, I put a piece of white cut chicken onto her plate. "Eat more. Otherwise, how are you going to have enough energy for your honeymoon?"

I winked at her. She looked at me with a particularly resentful expression. "Don’t be so cocky."

"Why isn't Calvin back yet?" I was anxious for her from the bottom of my heart.

If the two of them weren’t going, what would be the point of Brooke and I going on our honeymoon?

After dinner, Calvin wasn’t back by the time I went to my room.

Their house was quite soundproof. Unless I leaned on the door to listen, I wouldn’t know what went on outside.

So later I fell asleep and didn't know when Calvin came back or whether he came back.

met at the door of the room.

also here. Fairy looked very happy.


couldn't help but ask me.

go wherever you go," I answered her with a

Brooke turning around to look

expressions at the moment.

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of us. At first, Brooke intended to overtake them, but I said no. We were the elder and

he didn't believe me, he didn't ask the driver to overtake them, so we followed behind at a steady pace.

being followed felt like.

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many seats in

time flying first-class, and I was very

Calvin, who sat together, and us. I could see them by turning my head

attendant pushed a cart over and asked us what we wanted. I thought about it seriously

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front of me patiently. "We have bread and snacks. Today's meal is chicken drumstick rice and

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I thought that since flying first class was so expensive, I could eat something different from what

I drank the juice, Brooke looked at

I rolled my eyes at him. "You are rich,

thought, yet he said, "I do. It’s just that you were in a

Brooke was so rich that

that was enough to give anyone goosebumps, "You are so

cooperated with my acting and didn't push me

at Fairy. She also pretended to accidentally lean on Calvin's shoulder, but he

upset expression made me laugh to

didn’t have the same bargaining chip as I did, so she would

was humiliating herself. How

hours. I was drowsy along the

long, I didn’t hear Calvin say a

a poker face. He talked a lot

the window or closed his eyes.


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