No One But You

Chapter75 Vicious Woman

The hotel we stayed in had only one presidential suite, which had been booked by Fairy Dixon.

I said to Brooke, "I also want to live in the presidential suite."

"But there is only one."

"I want to live too." I didn't care if there was only one, anyway I wanted to live in the presidential suite.

Fairy Dixon had already completed the check-in procedures. She shook the room card in her hand proudly, "You can go to another hotel."

"I'm going to stay in this hotel room, and it must be a presidential suite." I said to Brooke seriously.

He looked at me, "You can only discuss this with Calvin and Sophie."

I immediately turned to look at Fairy Dixon but she rejected me, "It's impossible."

I didn't think so, everything was possible.

Calvin, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke, "Give her the presidential suite." From our city to Maldives, this was probably the first sentence he said.

He said to Fairy Dixon.

Fairy Dixon looked up at Calvin with an incredible expression, "I booked the presidential suite, why should I give it to her?"

"She is pregnant."

Fairy Dixon wanted to say something else, but Calvin had already pulled out the room card from her hand and put it in my hand.

Fairy Dixon flied into a rage. But I was not so cruel, I said to her generously, "Does the presidential suite have two bedrooms? We can live in the master bedroom, and you can live in the second bedroom."

Calvin turned around and went to the front desk to check in. Fairy Dixon looked at me hatefully, "I don't want to share a room with you."

The lady at the front desk said sorry to Calvin, "Sorry, sir, there is no room available."

She spoke English, so I understood what she said.

Now, even if they didn't want to live with us, there was no other solution.

So the four of us lived in the same presidential suite, which was surprisingly large.

Back then I was sent to Brooke’s bed in a daze, I was also in the presidential suite, but I was alone when I woke up in the morning.

We lived in the master bedroom and they lived in the second bedroom. And I found a small connecting door between the two rooms, which made it easy to move freely in the two rooms.

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"I'm not hungry."

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I lay down again.

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there should be something to eat in the refrigerator. Brooke was not afraid of starving me, but he was afraid of starving his

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put the tray on the ground and walked over to touch it with

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could there be oil

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around without makeup all day long.

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was in the kitchen, but she poured so much oil on the way I had to pass. She must want me to

of a fall, but the child in my

to deceive others.

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