My Wife Is My Life!

Chapter 180 People who were not familiar with

Although Brandon didn't seem to care about it at all on the surface, Petty was a little angry. His attitude changed before and after. She treated him for this wine for no reason, but now he treated her like this. Was it reasonable?

"Ha ha, Mr. Brandon, I just heard that you called Miss Renee. You must be very familiar with her, right?"

It cost her ten thousand dollars to buy wine. She had to try her best to get the most value.

"She and I have the same ancestor. We are both descendants of the whole Song Family, so we are more familiar with each other in the industry!" Brandon had always introduced himself to the younger generation in this way. Finn and Daisy had always believed in Brandon's these words, so they respected Brandon very much.

"Master, it's a rare chance for us to meet tonight. Why don't you go and greet to Miss Renee? It is also good eve if we can just stand aside and watch."

"Master, Daisy has heard from you for many times that you have dined with Miss Renee. What a coincidence for you two to meet each other this time. Why don't you just invite her to have dinner with us? You are so familiar with each other anyway."

All of a sudden, Brandon felt a little unconfident. He took a sip of the wine that he didn't like and said, "You are too young to know manners. Renee has something important to deal with tonight. Let's not disturb her."

"Something important? It seems that Miss Renee has told you about her arrangement tonight. You are really so familiar with each other."

"Yes, yes. I wonder what important thing Miss Renee has to do tonight. I'm really curious."

"Master Brandon, do you know? I think Miss Renee will tell you. After all, you are so familiar with each other."

Brandon took another sip of wine and said meaningfully, "It's just an important guest. She seldom goes out with Andrew. Once she goes out, it's such an important social occasion."

Everyone in the circle knew Renee's habits that they couldn't make an appointment with Renee and Andrew. Only people, who were particularly important, would have the chance to make an appointment with them.

that all the guests there were big shots,

familiar with Renee. Although Brandon told them that Renee might be meeting an important person at the banquet, they still wanted Brandon to introduce

so familiar with Miss Renee, why

master. Is it because your relationship with Miss Renee is not so familiar that you can

since you are speculating like this, I have no choice. Then

they heard that Brandon was going there,

wine, gritted his teeth, pulled out the chair and

this industry, even if not a great master, but it should be enough to talk with Renee by chance. 'Anyway, those guys just want to see me talking to Renee.

of the dining box of Beauties Northland without fear. Just after taking two steps, he arrived at the door of box of

of Beauties Northland all poked their heads out of the box

on the door and pushed it

time, a string of

woman named Vana is actually a talented person. It really gluts

Master Kim also said that there were many elements in Chinese classical dance that could be used in design. I

go back and study it carefully. Adding with what Mr. Kim said,

a profound discussion about "ancient dance" had just ended. Vana didn't expect that her trick learned when she was young would be praised by everyone, which made her a little

the door felt that someone pushed the door open and

"Well, who is this?"

"Brandon... … Song?"

person who said this name was Kim. As soon as he finished speaking, all the designers looked at the famous 'plagiarist' in

they heard the name of Vana, the students in box of Beauties Northland came out of the room. Such a huge scene shocked the two

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