My Wife Is My Life!

Chapter 179 What Are You Looking At

After the first round of persuasion, the designers in their groups began to eat, and during the dinner, they were also discussing the cooperation.

Renee picked up some food for Vana and said with concern, "Everyone is famous in the circle tonight. Do you like some masters?"

Vana bit her lips and stopped eating. "In fact, I used to admire you, Mr. Kim, and all kinds of skills of Mr. Henry. I really want to learn these."

"Well, I will spare more time to let them go to the studio to communicate with you. You must seize these opportunities."

"Really? Thank you so much! "

Vana didn't dare to call Renee aunt openly. After all, Renee and she didn't plan to announce their relationship. Besides, Renee had introduced that Vana was the new employee that the studio was about to recruit, so it was a shortcut for her to communicate with other designers in the future.

On the other side, Room Beauty.

Finn and Daisy had arrived and brought another famous master, Brandon Song, to everyone.

Brandon Song was called the second Kim. Although the two of them were about same age, Brandon Song had been learning the creation skills of Kim in terms of the design style.

Although there had been a lot of bad comments about Brandon Song's plagiarism of Kim in the circle, with Brandon Song's connections, he had gathered many evaluating masters, flattered him to another height, and even judged his plagiarism as the sublimation of the creation. Some people even said that he was better than Kim.

Therefore, when Brandon Song came, it was alive in the Room Beauty. All the students present were even more excited.

Petty thought it was worth it even if she asked a wine for ten thousand.

"Master Brandon, I heard that you are looking for inspiration in the countryside recently. We really want to know how you will find inspiration when you are creating."

'Go to the countryside to look for inspiration is just to follow Kim's folk style. If I make something folk in the future, I will be accused of plagiarizing.'

is the truth. You can observe more. Everything

a great master. His words are

It's nonsense to say that Mr. Brandon is not

it is the process of Mr. Kim making jewelry by hand. As soon as the video comes out, those rumors are sincerely convinced. They said that Mr. Brandon plagiarized Kim. Can Kim make jewelry by hand? Mr. Brandon is the

Mr. Kim is an international

of idiots are so gullible. The video was edited. I showed my face,

invite them to drink. Looking at the standard of this private room, no one would refuse to order a price of

two meals with Ark, the video will be promoted. Who dare not to receive me well?

a group of people surrounded Brandon Song. He didn't know that Petty ordered two bottles of more than five thousand Remy

two waiters came in

with two bottles of

the wine and he politely bowed to everyone. "Hello, customers. You ordered Royal Salutes

an uproar. Brandon Song was

didn't expect that Petty

surprising that Petty invited us to dinner

We have gained a lot from

you. I have never drunk such expensive wine in my life. This time, I drank two bottles at a time. It's

to be impulsive. If I knew it, I would definitely stop you. But your name

turned from

Song, he wanted to provide a shortcut for her because of these two bottles

was a little confused. She also

you want to check the wine?" The waiter reminded everyone

the wine herself. After all, she didn't have

had already reached out his hand and said, "Since you want to open it, I'll have a look. As long as it's not opened, there shouldn't

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